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Aviator Nation retains revenue on over half of their returns with Loop

Here’s how Loop’s Workflows, Shop Now, & Instant Exchange features save money (and make money) for the iconic clothing brand

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Aviator Nation with Loop:


revenue retained from returns


saved on customer service support annually


average upsell per return

Learn more about Aviator Nation:

Founded by Paige Mycoskie in Venice Beach, Aviator Nation is a 1970’s-inspired lifestyle brand that designs high-quality, made-in-America products for a passionate community that values comfort, style, and ethical fashion. Since 2016, the company has grown into a global lifestyle brand with 17 destination retail locations, as well as a popular ecommerce line. This growth led to an increase in returns and a new set of challenges, challenges that Loop helped solve.

The Challenge: All growth, no easy way to scale


As Aviator Nation grew its ecommerce business, of course, they also saw their return rate go up. They needed to streamline their returns process, and handling each return manually through ReturnMagic was taking too much time.


“The biggest pain point for us with Return Magic was the amount of time that it took us to have to manually process each return,” says Matthew Solusod, Aviator Nation’s Ecommerce Customer Service Manager. “And how much labor and effort it took away from actually being able to serve our customers quickly and effectively.”

Instant Exchanges lead to retained revenue


Aviator Nation decided to automate their returns with Loop, in part because of our Instant Exchange feature. Since shoppers can get the replacement item they want as quickly as possible, Instant Exchanges encourage them to exchange rather than request a refund.


With Instant Exchanges, Aviator Nation enables customers to instantly exchange a product without having to return it to the store within a certain time frame. Depending on whether they send the item back, they’ll either be refunded for the original item, or simply charged for the difference in price.


As a result, more customers have opted for exchanges over refunds than they had previously, with an 11% reduction in the overall refund rate.

Workflows save customer support time


Because Loop automates the return experience, Aviator Nation’s shoppers can self-serve most of their returns. This alone saves their customer service team $115,205 in labor costs processing basic returns by allowing them to dedicate more time to support tickets that actually need oversight.


“The user experience for the customer became so much more clear and cut and dry,” says Solusod. “The customer knew what they would get in an exchange, and it’s really easy for them to self-service that process without us needing to assist it through customer service avenues.”


On the business side, “our customer service representatives are now able to purely focus on taking care of our customers,” adds Solusod. “The less time our team is spending processing returns, the more they can focus on those high-value customer interactions and then ultimately keep those customers for the lifetime that they’re with our brand, making sure that they have a great experience every time.”

Shop Now encourages shoppers to spend more


Aviator Nation incentivizes more exchanges by offering “bonus credit” that the shopper can put towards the purchase price during returns using Shop Now, a Loop feature which often leads shoppers to purchase an item that’s more expensive than the original product even after applying the bonus credit.


“I don’t want to discount the power that the return process has to generate extra revenue for the company,” says Solusod. “It’s really surprised us here at Aviator.”

The Outcome: Easy returns, significant savings, and even profits  


Because Aviator Nation leveraged Loop’s tools so well, they were able to scale their business (and manage their growing returns) with ease, and without losing their (wonderfully stylish) shirts.


In fact, Aviator Nation’s use of Instant Exchange, Shop Now, and Workflows made for such an easy returns process that they saw 56.6% revenue retained from returns, over $155,000 saved in annual customer support costs, and almost $11 in upsell value on each return. Now that’s what we call scaling in style. Congrats, Aviator Nation!


Be like Aviator Nation, and let your returns
help make you money instead.

Switch to Loop and keep your return revenue in your pockets.

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