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Make reverse logistics simple


Easily save on shipping, impress shoppers, and keep operations running smoothly. Loop Logistics just made your returns smarter, easier, and more manageable.

reverse logistics

Smart rate-shopping and routing

Shipping costs can vary wildly depending on carriers, destinations, and more. With Loop’s carrier connections and rate-shopping, you can save money with the lowest shipping rates for every return.

Plus, your operations team has total control over how your returned are routed in order to move inventory more effectively, cut down shipping costs, and maximize yield.

convenient returns

Convenient return experiences

Retaining customers is key, so you want to make sure you’re leaving them satisfied with their return experience. And let’s face it—packing, labeling, and dropping-off returns isn’t always the most convenient.

Loop offers return options that your shoppers will love. Printerless? Boxless? At-home pickup? Loop can do it all!

Warehouse workers with a graphic overlay of Loop 3PL partners

Integrated logistics providers

Loop links seamlessly with carriers, 3PLs, WMSs, ERPs, and any other acronym-heavy tools your team depends on.

Loop’s global network of carriers paired with powerful integrations into your logistics solutions keeps your reverse logistics engine running smoothly and enriches returns data.


of shoppers buy again from brands with great return experiences


shipping costs saved over the last year due to consolidation and keep-item


of shoppers are willing to pay for good return experiences

pre-negotiated shipping rates

Pre-negotiated shipping rates

Running a profitable Shopify store means lowering costs wherever possible. And this is one of the many ways we can help you do that. Loop merchants have easy access to lower, pre-negotiated shipping rates with USPS, FedEx, and many other worldwide carriers.

sustainable returns

Sustainable return practices

We believe there’s a path to more sustainable returns. Not only because it’s the right thing to do for the health of our planet. But also because your customers demand it.

Loop provides merchants the tools to set up sustainable return practices including consolidation, resale channels, easy-to-implement sustainable shipping strategies, and more.

Ship it. Send it. Like a pro.

With Loop, the tangled mess that is reverse logistics becomes easy. Learn how Loop can help you ship with the best of them.

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