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Instant Exchanges & Returns, Risk-Free


Encourage more exchanges and repeat purchases with Loop’s Instant Exchange feature. All the good things about instant exchange, with none of the risk.

instant exchanges

Out-of-stock notices? Fresh out.

Don’t let your shoppers miss out on what they want because they have to wait for a return to process before they buy.

Instant Exchanges give shoppers peace of mind by giving them the chance to snag the last item in stock before it sells out. And it gives you revenue retention that you might have otherwise lost.


Reduction of out-of-stock notices

Is there anything more frustrating than an out-of-stock notice? Try hearing that the product you wanted to exchange for is out of stock the day your return arrives. With Instant Exchange, your customers never have to experience this.

instant exchanges

Drive loyalty with exchanges that ship instantly

Nobody likes waiting for an exchange to go through. Help inspire confidence
in your shoppers by sending them their exchange before they’ve even shipped their return.

Because we collect shoppers’ payment information beforehand, Instant Exchanges provide a solution that trustworthy shoppers will love, bad actors will avoid, and that completely eliminates risk.

instant exchange

Get your shoppers the items they want

Instant Exchanges work together with Shop Now and Bonus Credit to create an experience that feels like shopping—only inside the returns experience.

It’s good news for your shoppers because they can get what they want on every exchange. And it’s good news for you because it reduces refunds. Win-win.

Put out-of-stock notices out of mind.

Keep your business safe while providing your shoppers with a world-class returns experience. For certain exchanges, speed is everything. Help them keep up.

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