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Returns Insights & Data


Unlock actionable insights to save time and promote sustainable growth for your brand. Loop Insights helps you learn more about your shoppers, improve your products, and more.

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Uncover how returns affect your business

With Loop’s Insights, you can get an at-a-glance view at how your returns are performing. Learn just how much revenue you’re retaining via exchanges. And monitor trends to measure the impact of improvements made to your returns processes and experience.

With the right data, you can learn all you need to keep your operations—and your budget—tight and efficient.

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I initially thought Loop looked too good to be true, so after
I booked a demo I was seriously impressed by the platform,”


Jake Makin, Bstore


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Know which products come back—and why

Having the right data about which products your shoppers return and why can help you prevent unnecessary returns before they happen and let you better meet your customers’ expectations the first time around.

With Loop’s insights, understand which products are being returned most often, and why. See how often each product that’s being returned results in an exchange. Monitor your products’ performance over time.

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Meet your best customers

Insights helps you learn who loves to shop at your store regularly, and introduces you to your newest brand champions.

Get to know your customers at all stages of adoption and quantify their post-purchase behavior. See how returns impact key customer retention behaviors, including average time to repeat purchase, average order value, and more. Get insight into which customers are returning products most and least often.

Data helps your brand. Facts.

Learn more about your shoppers, your products, and the way your store runs. Leverage that data to improve your operations, your marketing, and more.

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