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What is returns abuse? How you can protect your brand in 2024


In 2023, fraudulent returns increased to an estimated 13.7%*.


To uncover the who, what, and why behind this growing problem, we surveyed 1,000 online shoppers and have some key insights to help you tackle this challenge.


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  • The differences between return policy abuse and fraud
  • The top shopper motivations behind return policy abuse and fraud
  • What brands can do to combat these behaviors
  • And much more!

*According to National Retail Federation data

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Is your return policy set up to prevent returns abuse and fraud?

40% of shoppers admit that either they or someone they know have engaged in returns abuse or other unfavorable return-related behaviors in the past year.

With both returns abuse and consumer expectations on the rise, it can feel like you’re left to choose between delivering a seamless post-purchase experience and effectively protecting your brand’s bottom line. 

Here at Loop, we want to make sure you’re able to do both. Learn more about the ways Loop helps brands prevent return fraud.

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Build a return fraud strategy that fits your brand

95% of online shoppers review a return policy before making a purchase.

Clearly outlining your return policy is just one way to combat returns abuse. From implementing fees on certain returns to communicating the repercussions of policy abuse, there are many simple but effective steps you can take to make sure you’re stopping abusers in their tracks.

We have a full step-by-step plan laid out in our recent report sharing what your brand can do to prevent fraud. Download the report now.

Transform your returns while mitigating fraud.

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